Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Vision for Our Future

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We want to be

A faith that matters

A reflection of the world's complexity bound together by our many different views

A spiritual feast for each person to bring and share ideas and experience

A promoter of social justice for all, listening and responding to the needs of others

There for everyone

We must

Tell the world we're here

Be understood by the public

Connect to people everywhere

Serve our communities

Develop personal leadership

Be religiously literate

Provide Ministry that enables ministry

Prepare for our children's future

To do this, we need to

Harness our energy

Use our resources to the full

Embrace new technology

Acknowledge contribution and success

Empower individuals

Make change happen

1 comment:

  1. I want to comment on the phrase "bound together by our many different views". The reality is that differing views don't bind people together but push them apart in the normal run of things. "Celebrating difference" is hard work - even if we have the intuition that diversity really matters and is valuable. What we utterly lack is a methodology for diversity. It is not enough to state a principle. I am writing an article at the moment for The Inquirer on our diversity of outlook. Do the UUA have expertise in making diversity work in this sense? (Rev Matthew Smith)